Knox Athletics Awards

By June 3, 2022 April 2nd, 2024 Homepage News

Congratulations to our Awards Recipients!

Students Holding Awards from Ceremony

The Knox Athletics Association (KAA) hosted its annual awards reception on Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Bancroft-Phinney Hall on the campus of The Knox School.

Student-Athletes from our Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons received permanent awards, Private School Athletic Association (PSAA) Honors and PSAA All-Conference Awards. Knox also presented awards for Best Cooperation in Gym, High Point Winner and the T. Allen Manfuso ‘83 Athlete of the Year Awards!

Here is a complete list of all awards reciptients:

Equestrian Permanent Riding Trophies

Presented by Director of Equine Science. Assisted by Katrina Pugni Equestrian Representative

Middle School Riding Improvement Overall – Awarded to the rider who has shown the most improvement overall. – Maggie Lawrence

Upper School Jumping – A perpetual trophy, this bowl was presented by Colonel Simon Acoutin a formal faculty member, and is awarded for improvement over fences. – Kei Katoh

The Kyrie McAdam Novice Horsemanship Cup – Awarded to the rider who has shown the most improvement overall. – Lily Wang

The Snowman Award – Presented to Knox by a former riding master, Harry DeLeyer, is awarded annually to the student who has done the most for the Riding Club, whose academic work is good, and who is a good rider.  In short, an all-around student. – Yvonne Xie

Sportsmanship Trophy – Presented by Smoke Run Farm and is given yearly to the rider who is not necessarily the most outstanding rider but is wholeheartedly involved in all aspects of the sport. – Chloe Bain

Equestrian Versatility – Presented by Mrs. Joan Johnson and Ms. Phebe Phillips ‘68 to recognize versatility in equestrian skills-someone who is adept at riding any horse and obtaining good performance from it. – Katrina Pugni

Fall & Winter Sports Awards

Presented by Christian Vazquez, Soccer Coach and Physical Sciences Teacher

Girls Volleyball:
PSAA All-Conference – Mercy Otusanya & Vasia Tassiopoulos

Girls Basketball:
The MVP Award- Vega Lopez de Rueda
PSAA All-Conference – Vasia Tassiopoulos

Boys Basketball:
PSAA All-Conference –  Will Phipps 

Boys Soccer:
The High Scorer in Soccer Award – Established in 1981 to recognize whoever has scored the highest number of goals this season – Adam You

Most Improved Soccer Player – This award is given to the individual who has shown the most progress in improving their overall skills – Joey Vollaro

The MVP Award This award recognizes sportsmanship, cooperation, good attitude, and competitiveness during the fall season – Adam You

PSAA All-Conference – Adam You & Declan Morrell-Smith

Spring Sports Awards

Presented by Donna Pergola, Dean of Academics & Boys Volleyball Coach

PSAA All-Conference – Paul Ryu & Joy Otusanya

Boys Volleyball:
PSAA All-Conference – Adam You, Peter Tsai & Paul Ryu
Regular Season MVP – Philip Tsai
Post-season MVP – Declan Morrell-Smith

Rowing Season Highlights

Presented by Liam Power, Athletic Director. Assisted by Aaron Bogart Knox Athletic Association Representative


  • Knox rowers competed for a total of 30 times at 10 on-water, indoor, or virtual regattas
    • in those 30 races, Knox was able to finish top three 25 times, with 15 of those times being first place. 
  • New York State Championships where we placed second AND third
  • The United States Indoor National Championships where we placed first
  • World Rowing Indoor Championships where we finished eighth

Knox Athletics Awards Ceremony

Presented by Liam Power, Athletic Director. Assisted by Aaron Bogart Knox Athletic Association Representative

Best Cooperation in the Gym – This goes to a student who is most helpful and dependable, who knows what has to be done and does so without having to be told, who is willing to give up free time, and who is not necessarily an athlete but who is interested in sports, and who wants to contribute to a competitive team. – Tommy Nguyen

High Point Winner – This award is presented by Mrs. Walter Whittaker, whose daughter Bette won it in 1963. It is given to the athlete of the year, not necessarily the best athlete, who is a team player, who exhibits good sportsmanship, a good attitude, and who presents a good performance. – Vasia Tassiopoulos

Allen Manfuso Athlete of the Year Award – Established in 2010, athletes are nominated by head coaches based on their ability to lead, sportsmanship, exceptional athletic abilities, and integrity. This year I am proud to give this award to a young man who has gone above and beyond in all aspects but especially in athletics. – Alex You